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4/1/2020 Custom Magnetic Sensor Guide for Appliance Applications Appliance & HVAC Report

The demand for energy efficiency and convenience is driving the application of sensor technology in the home appliance and white goods market.

3/2/2020 How to Improve Thermal Performance of Ignition IGBTs Power Systems Design

Higher rates of environmental pollution and demanding government vehicle efficiency regulations are driving new technology investments in transportation.

2/6/2020 Surge Protective Devices: Know What You’re Specifying Electric Smarts

Surge protective devices (SPDs) are critical components of any commercial or industrial electrical system.

2/6/2020 Don’t Forget Surge Protection in Your Next Plant Upgrade Electric Smarts

The need for surge protection isn’t a new issue for industrial facility managers.

2/3/2020 The Try-Before-You-Buy Route to Energy-Efficient Power Design Power Electronics Tips

The quest for greener energy production and consumption has put a premium on high-efficiency power circuitry.

1/29/2020 IoT, EV, Autonomous Vehicles Will Dominate in 2020 Electronics Maker

In an interview Mr. Gursharan Singh Bhatia, Country Head, India & SAARC Nations & S. Africa, Littelfuse spoke about market growth, new applications, and future plans.

1/27/2020 Avoiding Field Failures with Crowbar Protection Thyristors Power Systems Design

Ensuring a product is robust to power line transient conditions is a critical aspect of design that often does not receive the appropriate level of attention during product design.

12/20/2019 Eight Considerations When Purchasing Custom Sensors for Your Next Appliance Design The Appliance and HVAC Report

For many purchasing professionals, sensors are just another type of component.

12/18/2019 Battery Energy Storage Systems Are at Increasing Risk for Arc-Flash Hazards Solar Power World

Battery-based energy storage systems are in demand, but their design is still considered to be in its infancy because the technologies are evolving rapidly.

11/1/2019 Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things Power Systems Design

Those of us who wear glasses for vision correction are used to seeing the world through lenses.

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