Material Handling Solutions

NEW Material Handling solutions brochure provides a comprehensive overview of vehicle electrical system applications in the material handling market.

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FHZ Series

FHZ Series ZCASE® Fuse Holders

The 7 Stud and 5 Stud Fuse Holders are configurable products designed primarily for high current power distribution.

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Bladed Fuses Banner

Protect Critical Semiconductor Devices

New bladed mounting options available for POWR-SPEED® line of high-speed (semiconductor) fuses

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PolySwitch® TSM250-130 Series Resettable PPTC

Protect Telecom Equipment using Dual channel PPTC with Smaller Footprint

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SP3384NUTG 3.3V 15A Series TVS Diode Array

Protect 10GbE High-Speed Differential Data Lines from Discharge and Surge Events

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High Power Semiconductors

Learn more about Littelfuse High Power Semiconductors to find the right solution for your application.

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High Speed banner

Advanced High-Speed Fuses Line Expanded

Now available with bladed models. Protect your critical power electronics with our growing line of advanced high-speed.

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Find out where and when the most important events in the industry will take place.

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