MISM-7 Series - 7mm Reed Switches

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The MISM-7 surface mount reed switch is a sub-miniature, normally open switch
with a 7mm long x 1.8mm diameter (0.276” x 0.071”) glass envelope, capable of
switching up to 0.25 Amps. This reed switch is a surface mount version of the MITI-7. It has a high insulation resistance of 1012 Ohms minimum and a contact resistance of less than 100


  • Ultra-miniature surface mount normally open switch
  • Available sensitivity range 6-10 AT
  • Capable of switching 170 Vdc or 0.25A up to 10 W


  • Position Sensing
  • Level Sensing
  • Meter Equipment
  • Security
  • Office Equipment

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Switching Power (W)Switching Voltage (V DC)Switching Current (A DC)Breakdown Voltage (V DC)Max Contact Resistance (Ω)Magnetic Sensitivity (AT)Body Length (mm)Overall Length (mm)Switch TypeStockSamplesCompare
MISM-7B-10-15101700.251750.1510 to 15713.72A:SPST-NOCheckOrder
MISM-7B-15-20101700.251750.1515 to 20713.72A:SPST-NOCheckOrder
MISM-7B-6-10101700.251750.156 to 10713.72A:SPST-NOCheckOrder
MISM-7R-10-15101700.251750.1510 to 15713.72A:SPST-NOCheckOrder
MISM-7R-15-20101700.251750.1515 to 20713.72A:SPST-NOCheckOrder
MISM-7R-6-10101700.251750.156 to 10713.72A:SPST-NOCheckOrder
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