ESD Device Selection

Littelfuse offers three device technologies for the suppression of ESD events and other EMC-related transients; MultiLayer Metal Oxide Varistors (MLVs), Silicon TVS Avalanche Diode Arrays and PulseGuard polymeric voltage variable material technologies.

Though these products have different characteristics, they have the common goal of protecting sensitive components from transients that threaten their survivability and functionality. Additionally, EMC legislation, or other immunity requirements, may mean that existing products require suppression devices in order to be compliant with the applicable immunity test.

For additional information on ESD suppressor selection read the application note below or contact an ESD Application Engineer.


Littelfuse ESD Suppression Product Selection Brochure (EC333)

  Littelfuse_EC333-C_ESD.pdf (2.0 Mb)

Littelfuse ESD Suppressor Product Selection Guide
UPDATED! - Littelfuse Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Suppression Design Guide