SZSMF4L Automotive Grade TVS Diodes

400-Watt TVS diodes in surface mount package, achieve robust circuit protection for high-power applications using ~40% less PCB space

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Circuit Protection for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Circuit Protection for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) demand a comprehensive circuit protection strategy. Learn more about the Littelfuse products that will protect your system to extend the life of your equipment.

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eFuse LS05006VPQ33 Protection ICs

Protects Type-C equipped consumer electronics against CC/SBU overvoltage, short circuits, and ESD strikes

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59155/59156 Reed Sensors

59155/59156 Reed Sensors

World’s smallest subminiature flange mount reed sensors for appliances, security/access control, and factory automation

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NEW R-Series

The R-Series is a thin, 13 mm DIN rail-mounted hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker that is ideal for datacom/telecom, renewable energy, and industrial automation applications.

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NEW AF0025 Series

The AF0025 series arc-flash relay is a cost-effective and OEM-focused solution that provides innovative arc-flash protection in a compact package.

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Design Solutions for Material Handling EV Chargers

Discover how Littelfuse solutions help improve safety, efficiency, and reliability of Material Handling EV Chargers.

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SB5000 Meets New Code Requirements

SB5000 Shock Block protects employees from electrical shock, reduces unnecessary tripping and complies with NEC210.8(B) Code.

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Littelfuse Acquires Western Automation Research and Development

Western Automation designs and manufacturers electrical shock protection devices used across a range of high-growth end markets, including e-Mobility off-board charging infrastructure, industrial safety, and renewables.

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