Custom Circuit Protection Solutions

OEMs look to Littelfuse for answers to their most important circuit protection questions.
Our innovation, proven technical expertise, comprehensive portfolio of technologies and global
resources enable us to provide objective, comprehensive solutions for each customer’s unique applications. That's the added value you can expect from the industry leader.

Custom Solutions from Concept to Completion

We understand that existing solutions don't always solve your current problems. Building on more then 80 years of circuit protection experience, the Littelfuse engineering team collaborates with customers to develop hundreds of customized solutions for applications such as solar panels, HVAC systems, lift trucks, lighting, industrial restaurant equipment and power converters.

Littelfuse dedicates a full development team to your project - design and manufacturing engineers, a project manager and a sales engineer. The timeline on the next page shows our typical product development process.

We can help you:

  • Improve Safety

  • We understand that safety is an important issue for your customers. The POWR-GARD ™ team of circuit protection experts can help you improve the safety and reliability of your products to better protect your customers' equipment and personnel.

  • Reduce Time to Market

  • Whether we recommend a standard POWR-GARD product, a modified assembly, or a custom solution, we provide the technical specifications, online drawings and quick samples to keep your project on track.


  • Save Space

  • We know you are constantly challenged to reduce size. We understand how to achieve a smaller circuit protection footprint, without sacrificing essential features.


  • Save Time

  • Our team of application engineers can offer advice and recommend products that will save you installation time while reducing downtime for your customers.


  • Save Money

  • Understanding circuit protection and your application allows us to recommend cost effective products or think of innovative ways to simplify installation, reduce components and prevent unnecessary scrap.


  • Meet Codes & Standards

  • What sets Littelfuse apart is the expertise of our team of application, design and manufacturing engineers. They know the current agency testing requirements and have many years of experience developing circuit protection products. Meeting local codes and global standards becomes straight-forward when you are collaborating with POWR-GARD's experienced engineering team.


  • Improve Functionality

  • Understanding your requirements up front allows our application engineers to recommend alternatives that are likely to add value to your designs. We consider the manufacturing process, as well as the field installations and customer expectations when recommending engineered solutions.



Let us help you Protect, Innovate & Succeed

Don't waste any time. Contact our circuit protection experts today at 1-800-TEC-FUSE to find out what Littelfuse can do for you.