Electrical In-Line and Panel Mount Fuse Holders

Recently redesigned, the Littelfuse 600 V in-line watertight fuse holders allow maximum protection for high humidity and corrosive environments. The fuse holders are designed to be touch-safe and flexible for use in a variety of applications.


  • Design increases safety by facilitating individual device disconnection for easy servicing, eliminating shock risk
  • Increases efficiency by preventing faulted ballast from severely damaging fixture or device
  • Designed to meet IP67 touch-safe standards
  • Watertight o-ring seal
  • Variety of terminations available for flexible design
  • Insulating boots available for harsh environments


  • Street lighting and parking lot lighting
  • Sports lighting and various outdoor illuminated signs
  • Boat electrical circuits, tractors/yard equipment and general outdoor circuit protection (such as traffic signals, alley lighting and electric wheelchairs)

Recommended Fuses

LEB/LEX series
Class CC Series: CCMR, KLDR, KLKR
Midget Series: BLF, BLN, FLM, FLQ, KLK, KLKD

LEC/LEY series
Class CC Series: CCMR, KLDR, KLKR