Low Voltage Disconnects

No More Dead Batteries!

If you leave a fully charged battery connected in an inactive vehicle, it could be dead in as little as two months. Vehicles have electronics that continue to draw small quiescent currents to maintain their memory, even when the vehicle is off. Over an extended period of time this small current can kill an uncharged battery. Complete discharge of the battery can cause permanent damage and prevent proper battery recharging.

If your vehicle requires short or long term storage and has a lot of electronics (computer, TV, stereo, etc) a Low Voltage Disconnect can be installed to automatically disconnect these components from the battery each time your vehicle is shut off. This lengthens the storage life of your battery.

pdf icon 48510/48512 - Low Voltage Disconnect Datasheet

Part Numbers: 48510, 48512 - Replaces Hotfeed D-614

pdf icon 48514 - Compact Magnum Low Voltage Disconnect Datasheet

Part Numbers: 48514, 48714 - Replaces Hotfeed D-640