Industrial Products UL Shock Prevention GFCI

  • SB6100

  • Special-Purpose Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), Class C and Class D Industrial Shock Block ...More

  • Conformally coated: Standard

  • Dimensions: 17.9 H x 13.4 W x 6.8 D in. (455 x 340.7 x 174.9 mm), 17.9 H x 16 W x 8.8 D in. (453.8 x 406.2 x 223.3 mm)

  • Frequency: 60

pdf icon Shock: Electrical's Deadliest Act - Safety Report

Shocks Are the Deadliest Electrical Hazard, but Survey Finds Little Efforts Are Often Taken to Keep Workers Safe

pdf icon Industrial Shock-Block SB6100 FAQ

SB6100 Industrial Shock-Block Technical FAQ

pdf icon Preventing Electrocutions and Injury with Industrial GFCIs

Electrical accidents are far more common than one might think. It is important to do everything possible to keep your employees safe and your business up and running.