PLED Series - 6, 9, 13 & 18 Series Open LED Protectors

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PLED Series Open LED protectors provide a switching electronic shunt path when a single LED in an LED array fails as an open circuit. This ensures that the entire array of LEDs will continue to function even if a single LED in the array does not. This provides higher reliable lighting functions in applications such as headlights, aircrafts, aircraft runway lighting, roadside warning lights, etc.

This device is compatible with one watt LEDs that have a normal 350 mA, 3V characteristic, but can extend up to 1000 mA LED applications. The PLED Series is available in two surface mount packages, the DO-214 and the Quad Flat Pak Nolead (QFN™). The QFN's low profile, chip scale package (CSP) is ideal for dense board applications.


  • RoHS compliant
  • Chip Scale Package (CSP)
  • Small footpring (QFN)
  • SIDACtor® brand technology
  • Compatible to industrial lighting environments
  • Compatible with switching speeds up to 10kHz
  • Automatically resets after power cycle

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

PackagePartner ECAD ModelsStockSamplesCompare
PLED13Q12131326511.23.0x3.0mm QFNPLED13Q12CheckOrder
PLED18Q12181833511.23.0x3.0mm QFNPLED18Q12CheckOrder
PLED6Q126616511.23.0x3.0mm QFNPLED6Q12CheckOrder
PLED9Q129918511.23.0x3.0mm QFNPLED9Q12CheckOrder
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s) IPC-Material Declaration
PLED13Q12 LED PROTECTOR Bi 13V QFN 3X3 2L RoHS RoHS No 09/09/2009 PbFree No Yes
PLED13S LED PROTECTOR Bi 13V DO214 2L RoHS RoHS No 09/09/2009 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_PLED13S Yes
PLED18Q12 LED PROTECTOR Bi 18V QFN 3X3 2L RoHS RoHS No 09/09/2009 PbFree No 07/09/2012 Yes
PLED18S LED PROTECTOR Bi 18V DO214 2L RoHS RoHS No 09/09/2009 PbFree No Yes
PLED6Q12 LED PROTECTOR Bi 6V QFN 3X3 2L RoHS RoHS No 09/09/2009 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_PLED6Q12 REACH209_Declaration_Contain-_PLED6Q12 Yes
Contains IPC_PLED6Q12
PLED6S LED PROTECTOR Bi 6V DO214 2L RoHS RoHS No 09/09/2009 PbFree No REACH_SVHC Declaration (Contain)_PLED6S.pdf Yes
PLED9Q12 LED PROTECTOR Bi 9V QFN 3X3 2L RoHS RoHS No 09/09/2009 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_PLED9Q12 REACH_SVHC Declaration (Contain)_PLED9Q12 Yes
Contains IPC_QFN_3x3_PLED6Q12
PLED9S LED PROTECTOR Bi 9V DO214 2L RoHS RoHS No 09/09/2009 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_PLED9S Yes
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