Giving Back Globally

Around the globe, Littelfuse associates donate time and resources to leave the world better than we found it. Causes we support include investment in our future through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education, environmental stewardship, and community involvement.

Investment in Our Future

Littelfuse is a technology-driven manufacturer of electronic components focused on providing innovative solutions for our customers. With a skilled and talented workforce of engineers, scientists, and technologists, Littelfuse is committed to investing in the future through initiatives designed to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education.


Investment in Our Future - USA

Littelfuse supports FIRST® Illinois Robotics, a public non-profit that organizes and hosts high school robotics competitions around the world. Littelfuse is the primary sponsor for a local Chicago Public Schools team, the Taft High School Robotic Eagles #8122. Littelfuse associates work hands-on with students, sharing their knowledge and guiding them through the season, assisting with everything from robot construction and electrical troubleshooting to logo design and public speaking preparation.


Investment in Our Future - Lithuania

Cooperation between universities and business brings recognized benefits for both. Businesses benefit from access to the latest scientific knowledge, skilled human capital, and high-tech equipment while helping universities to make teaching more relevant and engaging. Littelfuse associates regularly share their knowledge with the students of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), focusing on topics such as Lean Six Sigma and building competent teams.

“I’ve enjoyed working with KTU students and painting a picture of my role as a Digital Innovation Engineer,” said Sarunas Savickas, Digital Innovation Manager, Kaunas, Lithuania. “I wanted to get the students interested in this particular career path and motivate them to seek the knowledge that it takes to succeed as we prepare future professionals who may join our team one day.”


Investment in Our Future - India

Littelfuse is a Golden Sponsor of the AXLR8R Formula Racing team, participating in the Formula Bharat competition. Formula Bharat is an engineering design competition in which students from colleges and universities all over India conceive, design, fabricate, develop, and compete with Formula-style vehicles. The Littelfuse team supports the design and manufacturing of the electric vehicle, while also contributing needed fuses for the high-voltage battery and motor.

Environmental Stewardship

As a global organization with locations in over 60 countries, we are all in this together. That’s why Littelfuse is committed to using our time, talents, and resources to care for our environment.

The Philippines and Mexico

To combat the negative impact of global climate change and serve as good stewards of the planet, Littelfuse associates have focused their efforts on tree-planting.

Littelfuse has planted more than 650 trees in Piedras Negras, Mexico. And, in partnership with the Lipa City-Manila Organization of Pollution Control Officers (LOPCO), we've planted more than 1,000 seeds in the Batangas Province of the Philippines.

Environmental Stewardship - Mexico, Philippines


Littelfuse associates in Wuxi volunteer with a local organization to raise awareness in children about climate change. By building recycled toys, playing educational games, and answering children's questions about the environment, associates help to educate the next generation about the importance of recycling, the impact of waste, and the big difference that small changes can make.

"Environmental education provides important opportunities for children to become engaged in real-world issues," said Tod Zhu, plant manager. "If children learn to respect and care for the world they live in from a young age, they will help to preserve it for the next generation. It is our duty to teach them the skills they’ll need to become creative problem solvers and powerful advocates of protecting nature."

Environmental Stewardship - China


Litter and waste are more than unsightly. Trash that isn't properly disposed of can have serious consequences for the environment and local wildlife population. Associates from the Littelfuse Kaunas facility dedicate their time to participating in the international campaign 'Let’s Do It!', a springtime initiative that unites organizations and individuals from all over the country to pick up trash that has found its way to cities, suburbs, parks, river banks, and other areas during the winter months.

Environmental Stewardship - Lithuania

Community Involvement


Community Involvement - USA

Littelfuse partners with United Way to help improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good. Over the last several years, Littelfuse associates have participated in a corporate campaign to raise funds for United Way and its affiliated agency partners. In addition to financial contributions, Littelfuse associates, friends, and family members have participated in United Way “Day of Caring” volunteer events. Rolling up their sleeves to give back, the team has painted classrooms to improve metropolitan childcare facilities and donated their time at local food banks.


Community Involvement - Lithuania

Blood donors save lives every day so accident victims and those in need of transfusions for surgeries can live. To do our part, Littelfuse associates in Kaunas host donation drives with the local blood bank.

“Donating blood is equal to saving lives,” said Arturas Romanis, EHS engineer. “Littelfuse is a socially responsible organization that promotes the culture of helping others, and I can think of no better way to give back to the community than to donate much-needed blood. It is also inspiring to see your colleagues feeling really proud of being able to contribute to a life-saving initiative like this.”


Community Involvement - China

Littelfuse associates in Dongguan and Kunshan give back to local primary schools through an internal network called the L.O.V.E. (Littelfuse Optimistic Values Enrichment) Foundation, an initiative formed by associates wishing to give back to their community and spread the spirit of generosity in the organization and beyond. From donating air conditioning units when the temperature starts to rise and warm clothes in the winter, Littelfuse understands the value of providing children with an educational environment they can thrive in.