Heavy Duty Push-Button Switches Series - 35A & 20A Cylindrical Housing Push-Button Momentary Switches

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Littelfuse Heavy Duty Normally Open Push Button Switches are push to operate and will spring return to 'Off' position. They have a cylindrical diecast body with 5/8"-32 mounting stem. These normally open switches are impact resistant, designed to prevent accidental actuation, include two screw terminals, and have an O-Ring seal in the mounting stem.

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Catalog #Current Rating (Continuous) in AmpsVoltage Rating MaxCircuitryNormal PositionPositionsActuatorActuator DetailsInput TerminalsHousingIngress ProtectionContact MaterialMounting MethodCircuitsSamplesCompare
8715-BX1012SPSTNormally Closed2KnobTwo Male Blade 0.384mm ApartPlasticSilver1/2-20 Diameter 1-5/32 ( 29.37 mm) long
90000-011824SPSTNormally OpenRolled Chrome Button: brass2 ScrewZinc DiecastSilverOrder
9003-BXSPSTNormally Closed2ButtonSteel Plated2 ScrewPlated SteelOrder
900303512SPSTNormally Open2ButtonSteel2 ScrewZinc DiecastSilver28.44 mm DiameterOrder
90030-011036SPSTNormally Open2 ScrewZinc DiecastSilverOrder
90030-01-BX3512SPSTNormally Open2Button2 ScrewPlated SteelSilver28.44 mm DiameterOrder
90030-043512SPSTNormally Open2Button2 ScrewZinc DiecastSilver28.44 mm DiameterOrder
90030-04-BX3512SPSTNormally Open2Button2 ScrewPlated SteelSilver28.44 mm DiameterOrder
90030-431036SPSTNormally Open2ButtonBlack Plastic2 ScrewDiecastSilver28.44 mm DiameterOrder
90030-533512SPSTNormally Open2Button2 ScrewDiecastSilver28.44 mm DiameterOrder
90030-BP3512SPSTNormally Open2Button2 ScrewSilver28.44 mm DiameterOrder
90030-BX3512SPSTNormally Open2ButtonBlack Plastic2 ScrewPlated SteelSilver28.44 mm DiameterOrder
90036-023512SPSTNormally Open2KnobChrome-Plated BrassMale SAE J858 Type 1BZinc DiecastSilverOrder
90036-02-BX3512SPSTNormally Open2KnobChrome-Plated BrassMale SAE J858 Type 1BZinc DiecastSilver
90036-103512SPSTNormally Open2PlungerRubber; Horn ImprintMale SAE J858 Type 1BZinc DiecastO-Ring in StemSilverOrder
90043-071512SPSTNormally Closed2ButtonTwo Wire Lead (9.65)Plated SteelHencol SealSilverOrder
90043-07-BX1512SPSTNormally Closed2ButtonTwo Wire Lead (9.65)Plated SteelSilverOrder
9023512SPSTNormally Open2ButtonRolled Chrome2 ScrewPlated SteelCopper AlloyOrder
9023-091012SPSTNormally OpenRolled Chrome2 ScrewSteelSilver
90953512SPSTNormally Open2ButtonChrome-PlatedTwo #8-32 11.17mm ApartZinc DiecastSilver5/8-32 9/16 long (14.3mm)Order
9095-163512SPSTNormally Open2Button2 ScrewPlated SteelSilverOrder
9095-BX3512SPSTNormally Open2ButtonTwo #8-32 11.17mm ApartPlated SteelSilver5/8-32 9/16 long (14.3mm)Order
9100SPSTNormally Open2ButtonTwo #6-32 Screw 3/16 LongPlasticOrder
9100-BXSPSTTwo #6-32 Screw 3/16 LongOrder
91552024SPSTNormally OpenCadmium Plated Steel or Brass2 ScrewSteelSilverOrder
921201012SPST NONormally On2ButtonTwo 8-32 x 6.35 Screw 11.17mm ApartPlated SteelHencol SealSilverOrder
92162024SPSTNormally Open2 ScrewZinc DiecastSilverOrder
9216-033512SPSTNormally Open2ButtonTwo Screw 11.17mm ApartGold DipO-Ring in StemSilverOrder
9216-03-BX3512SPSTNormally Open2ButtonTwo Screw 11.17mm ApartGold DipO-Ring in StemSilverOrder
9216-BXSPSTNormally Open2KnobChrome-Plated BrassTwo 8-32 x 0.25 Screw 11.04mm ApartZinc DiecastO-Ring in StemSilver
92313512SPSTNormally Open2KnobChrome-Plated Brass2 ScrewZinc DiecastSilverOrder
9231-BX3512SPSTNormally Open2KnobChrome-Plated Brass2 ScrewZinc DiecastSilver
92381012SPSTNormally Open2KnobChrome-PlatedTwo BladeZinc DiecastSilver5/8-32 0.869 long (22.09mm)Order
9238-012024SPSTNormally Open2 ScrewZinc DiecastSilverOrder
92453512SPSTNormally Open2ButtonSteel2 ScrewZinc DiecastSilverOrder
9245-BP3512SPSTNormally Open2ButtonChrome-Plated2 ScrewZinc DiecastSilverOrder
9245-BX3512SPSTNormally Open2Button2 ScrewPlated SteelSilverOrder
9276-091036SPSTNormally OpenPlated Steel2 ScrewSteelSilverOrder
M-608-BP1012SPSTNormally Open2PlungerBlack Rubber; "PUSH" ImprintTwo Wire Lead (0.375)BrassHencol SealStainless SteelOrder
M-608-BX1012SPSTNormally Open2PlungerRubber; "PUSH" ImprintTwo Wire Lead (0.375)BrassStainless SteelOrder
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s) IPC-Material Declaration
8715-BX MOM SW P/P N.C 2 POS 10A/24VDC RoHS No PbFree No
90043-07 MOM SW P/P N.C 2POS SLD W/LEADS RoHS No PbFree No
90043-07-BX MOM SW P/P N.C 2POS SLD W/LEADS RoHS No PbFree No
9100 MOM SW P/P N.O 2SCRW TERM RoHS No PbFree No
9245 SW P-P MOM NO 2POS CAP RoHS No 11/07/2017 PbFree No 11/07/2017 Yes
M-608-BX MOM P/P SW N.O 2POS RoHS No PbFree No
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