ZCase Masterfuse Series -

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The ZCASE Masterfuse product is the smallest high current distribution product in the industry. It utilizes the Z-Axis effectively to create a compact design which takes one third the footprint of a traditional solution. This package allows the user to replace multiple discrete fuses in a power distribution box with a single component, thus eliminating additional bolts, bus bars and interconnects. The output bolt is integrated into the fuse creating a reliable interface to the mating terminal due to its high torque withstandablity. Keying features are available on each bolt position to ensure the correct mating ring terminal is used during assembly. The solution can also be connectorized to mate to high current terminals. This compact design enables the integration of the high current distribution into the main junction box due to its small footprint. This eliminates the need for a separate fuse box for high current distribution. By reducing the number of components required, overall system costs are reduced.