07985002ZXS - MDB5 Series

Series: MDB5
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The MDB5 is a sealed multi circuit high current primary fusing option that can be placed in the battery box or under hood as the first line of protection and distribution for a vehicle.  It has the capability to handle standard Mega and Midi fuses and the new 70V footprint MEGA and MIDI fuse products.  The MDB5 offers the option for sealed or unsealed assembly as well as multiple input busses.  The sealing also protects all bolted connections so that it is a very robust solution for today’s high corrosion environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Sealed primary fusing that can be placed close to the battery in a harsh environment
  • Capability to handle fuse ratings from 23-500A and voltages up to 70V
  • Full range of fuses for applications from 12V-48V+
  • User choice of sealing options (unsealed of IP67/69K)
  • Cover acts as secondary lock to hold in wire seals even when wires are arranged for routing
  • Poke-Yoke mounting pattern for easier assembly
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