Low Rho SMD Series - PolySwitch PPTC for general electronics overcurrent protection

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Littelfuse Low Rho Surface Mount PPTC (Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient) devices provide overcurrent protection for applications where ultra low internal resistance, ultra low voltage drop and automatic resettable protection are desired. This new series allows a higher hold current device in a smaller factor and lower profile as compared to a standard PPTC. It offers ultra low internal resistance while maintaining the high level electrical characteristics and performances of standard PPTC products. All devices are UL recognized and TUV approved and have maximum fault current of 50A. They are available in 0402 to 2920 sizes while the hold current ranges from 100mA to 9A.


  • Ultra low internal resistance
  • Very thin profile
  • Miniature size saves board space
  • Allows a higher hold current dvice in a smaller factor and lower profile as compared to a standard PPTC
  • Fast response to fault currents
  • Compatible with high temperature solders 
  • Broadest range of Hold Current ratings (100mA to 9A)
  • RoHS compliant, Lead Free and Halogen Free 
  • UL recognized and TUV approved



  • USB peripherals including new USB 3.0 / 2.0 ports
  • Li-ion / Li-Polymer battery pack
  • Smart phones
  • Tablet and Notebook PCs
  • E-readers
  • Computer periperals
  • Digital cameras and video cameras
  • Hard disk drives
  • Game consoles

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #IHold (A)ITRIP
Max Volts
Trip Time
(deg C)
SizeMountingMarking CodeStockSamplesCompare
0402L010SL0.10.36400.50.1520.51-40 degC to 85 degC402CheckOrder
0402L020SL0.20.56400.50.11.2511-40 degC to 85 degC402CheckOrder
0402L035SL0.350.76500.50.050.780.1-40 degC to 85 degC402CheckOrder
0402L050SL0.516500.50.040.480.1-40 degC to 85 degC402CheckOrder
0402L075SL0.751.56400.50.030.380.1-40 degC to 85 degC402ReflowNo MarkingCheckOrder
0402L100SL126400.50.030.2580.2-40 degC to 85 degC402ReflowNo MarkingCheckOrder
0603L050SL0.516500.60.070.3580.1-40 degC to 85 degC603CheckOrder
0603L075SL0.751.56500.60.0050.2580.2-40 degC to 85 degC603CheckOrder
0603L100SL11.86500.60.040.1280.3-40 degC to 85 degC603CheckOrder
0603L150SL1.536500.60.0070.0880.5-40 degC to 85 degC603CheckOrder
0603L175SL1.753.56500.60.0050.0680.6-40 degC to 85 degC603CheckOrder
0603L200SL-V246500.60.0050.0481-40 degC to 85 degC0603ReflowXCheckOrder
0603L300SL366500.60.0030.0385-40 degC to 85 degC0603ReflowYCheckOrder
0805L075SL0.751.56500.60.040.1680.2-40 degC to 85 degC805CheckOrder
0805L110SL1.11.86500.60.030.1380.3-40 degC to 85 degC805CheckOrder
0805L150SL1.536500.60.0150.06580.5-40 degC to 85 degC805CheckOrder
0805L175SL1.753.56500.60.0050.05580.6-40 degC to 85 degC805CheckOrder
0805L200SLTH246500.60.0050.04581-40 degC to 85 degC805CheckOrder
0805L260SLTH2.656500.60.0030.03584-40 degC to 85 degC805CheckOrder
0805L300SL366500.60.0030.0385-40 degC to 85 degC805CheckOrder
0805L300SLTH366500.60.0030.0385-40 degC to 85 degC805Reflow-NCheckOrder
0805L350SL3.576500.60.0030.02585-40 degC to 85 degC805Reflow-TCheckOrder
0805L400SL496500.60.0030.018202-40 degC to 85 degC805Reflow-YCheckOrder
1206L075SL0.751.56500.80.0170.1880.3-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L110/12SL1.12.26500.80.0150.180.3-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L110SL1.53.96500.80.010.06580.3-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L150/12SL1.12.212500.80.0150.1380.3-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L150SL1.5312500.80.010.0880.3-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L175SL1.753.56500.80.0050.0380.4-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L200SL246500.80.0050.02580.5-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L260/12SL2.6512500.80.0030.05584-40 degC to 85 degC1206Reflow-S1CheckOrder
1206L260SLTH2.656500.80.0030.02684-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L300/12SL3612500.80.0030.0384-40 degC to 85 degC1206Reflow-N1CheckOrder
1206L300SLTH366500.80.0030.0284-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L350/12SL3.5712500.80.0030.0285-40 degC to 85 degC1206ReflowCTCheckOrder
1206L350SLTH3.576500.80.0030.01885-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L380SLTH2.8286500.80.0020.01485-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L400/12SL4812500.80.0030.016202-40 degC to 85 degC1206ReflowCYCheckOrder
1206L400SL486500.80.0010.014202-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L450/12SL4.59125010.0030.01422.52-40 degC to 85 degC1206ReflowCZCheckOrder
1206L450SL4.596500.80.0010.01422.52-40 degC to 85 degC1206CheckOrder
1206L500/12SL510125010.0010.012252-40 degC to 85 degC1206ReflowCMCheckOrder
1206L500SL-V51065010.0010.012252-40 degC to 85 degC1206Reflow-MCheckOrder
1206L600SL61265010.0010.01302-40 degC to 85 degC1206Reflow-WCheckOrder
1210L175SL1.753.56500.80.0060.0482.5-40 degC to 85 degC1210CheckOrder
1210L200SL246500.80.0050.02483-40 degC to 85 degC1210CheckOrder
1210L260SL2.656500.80.0030.0284-40 degC to 85 degC1210CheckOrder
1210L300SL366500.80.0030.02152-40 degC to 85 degC1210CheckOrder
1210L350SL3.576500.80.0030.01817.52-40 degC to 85 degC1210Check
1210L380SL3.886500.80.0020.01685-40 degC to 85 degC1210CheckOrder
1210L400SL486500.80.0010.01485-40 degC to 85 degC1210CheckOrder
1210L450SL4.5965010.0010.01422.52-40 degC to 85 degC1210CheckOrder
1210L500/12SL51012501.20.0010.012252-40 degC to 85 degC1210ReflowCMCheckOrder
1210L550SL5.5116501.20.0010.011282-40 degC to 85 degC1210Reflow-RCheckOrder
1210L600SL6126501.20.0010.01302-40 degC to 85 degC1210Reflow-WCheckOrder
1210L900SL9186501.415.5452-40 degC to 85 degC1210Reflow-ZCheckOrder
1812L190SL1.94.965010.0030.0259.54.5-40 degC to 85 degC1812CheckOrder
1812L260SL2.6665010.0030.024132-40 degC to 85 degC1812CheckOrder
1812L270SL2.76.265010.0030.02213.52-40 degC to 85 degC1812CheckOrder
1812L300/24SL36245020.0010.03152-40 degC to 85 degC1812ReflowLF 30JCheckOrder
1812L300SL3765010.0030.02185-40 degC to 85 degC1812CheckOrder
1812L350SL3.58.165010.0030.0285-40 degC to 85 degC1812CheckOrder
1812L370SL3.79.165010.0030.01818.52-40 degC to 85 degC1812CheckOrder
2920L500/24SL51024502.20.0010.018252-40 degC to 85 degC2920ReflowLF 50JCheckOrder
2920L600/24SL61224502.50.0010.012302-40 degC to 85 degC2920ReflowLF 60JCheckOrder
2920L700/24SL71424502.50.0010.01352-40 degC to 85 degC2920ReflowLF 70JCheckOrder
2920L700SL7146502.20.0010.007350.2-40 degC to 85 degC2920CheckOrder
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s)
0805L110SLYR PTC 6V POLYFUSE SURF MOUNT 0805 SL 1.10A RoHS No 09/18/2002 PbFree No 09/18/2002 CoC_RoHS10_0805L110SLYR_08-10-2019 REACH201_Declaration_0805L110SLYR_10-23-2019 Yes
Does not Contain
0805L350SLYR RoHS No PbFree No CoC_RoHS10_0805L350SLYR_01-06-2021 Yes
0805L400SLWR RoHS No 11/18/2020 PbFree No 11/18/2020 Yes
1206L075SLYR PTC 6V POLYFUSE 1206 SL 0.75A RoHS No 09/18/2002 PbFree No 09/18/2002 CoC_REACH209_Declaration_1206L075SLYR_01-05-2020 REACH191_Declaration_1206L075SLYR_01-14-2019 Yes
Does not Contain
1206L110SLYR PTC 6V POLYFUSE SURF MOUNT 1206 SL 1.10A RoHS No 09/18/2002 PbFree No 09/18/2002 Yes
1206L150SLYR PTC 6V POLYFUSE SURF MOUNT 1206 SL 1.50A RoHS No 09/18/2002 PbFree No 09/18/2002 CoC_RoHS10_1206L150SLYR_11-16-2018 REACH197_Declaration_1206L150SLYR_01-23-2019 Yes
Does not Contain
1206L400/12SLWR RoHS No 09/18/2002 PbFree No 09/18/2002 Yes
1206L600SLWR RoHS No 07/30/2020 PbFree No 07/30/2020 Yes
1210L200SLYR PTC 6V POLYFUSE SURF MOUNT 1210 SL 2A RoHS No 09/18/2002 PbFree No 09/18/2002 CoC_RoHS10_1210L200SLYR_3-11-2019 REACH197_Declaration_1210L200SLYR_3-11-2019 Yes
Does not Contain
1210L350SL-SYR PTC 6V POLYFUSE 1210 ENIG TERM SL 3.50A RoHS No 09/18/2002 PbFree No 09/18/2002
1210L500/12SLWR RoHS No 09/18/2002 PbFree No 09/18/2002 Yes
1812L190SLPR PTC 6V POLYFUSE SURF MOUNT 1812 SL 1.90A RoHS No 09/18/2002 PbFree No 09/18/2002 CoC_RoHS10_1812L190SLPR_08-01-2019 REACH201_Declaration_1812L190SLPR_08-01-2019 Yes
Does not Contain
1812L300/24SLER RoHS No 10/15/2020 PbFree No 10/15/2020 Yes
2920L600/24SLER RoHS No 10/07/2020 PbFree No 10/07/2020 Yes
2920L700/24SLER RoHS No 07/30/2020 PbFree No 07/30/2020 Yes
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